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Opening Address    

Customer-Centricity in Product & Innovation

Roy Barnes, President @ BlueSpace

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Roadmaps That Customers Can Trust; And Teams to Deliver

James Colgan, Sr. Director, Product Management @ Microsoft

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Product Management:  Prioritization and Alignment in Large Scale Organizations

Parag Vaish, Head of Digital Product Management, Content & Design @ Tesla

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Going from a Giant Organization to a Startup: Stories for Budding Entrepreneurs

Eachan Fletcher, CEO @ NestEgg

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A Matter of Metrics

Meghna Misra, VP, Product Management @ DeVero

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Building Products for Hyper Growth

Bhavin Rawal, Sr. Director, Product Management & UX @ Syniverse

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Strategic Partnerships

Anna Susan Geevarghese, Chief Product Manager @ GE Digital

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Collaborative Innovation

Sheila Guastamachio, Director, Product Management @ Kaiser Permanente

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Business Strategy for Product Managers

Mike Chowla, Director, Product Management @ PubMatic

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Pragmatic Innovation at Large Enterprises

Nikhil Sinha, Director, Product Management @ Symantec

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Portfolio Strategy & A New Product Management Role, The Product Strategist

Keren Gavra, Director, Product Management @ Oracle

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Organizing & Managing a High-Performance Product Team

Thomas Purves, Vice President, Product Management @ Visa