Consultant Lynn Stott, Ph.D., a 19-year veteran designer of experiences, products and services, has developed this workshop just for us.  She brings her background in learning, human-centered design, customer experience strategy, and the design of services & products to help us frame the big picture into which the details fit. This means the workshop will make sure you’re ready to navigate between the ‘forest and the trees’ as the conference rolls forward.

“Building Your Customer Experience Ecosystem” is a special springboard workshop to the conference. The workshop, included in your fees, is offered on Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 - 6:00pm.

Exercises, worksheets, Q & A and peer interaction provide you a great chance to frame your conference game plan and jumpstart your networking before the full conference begins.

This hands-on workshop will leave you with:

·       A high-level overview of the customer-focused company.

·       A close-up of the building blocks required to deliver experiences that increase retention, engagement, and revenue.

·       An introduction to basic tools for customer-centered design.

·       The opportunity to map the current status of your own product or company in terms of its customer experience ecosystem (and note relevant gaps).

·       A game plan for your own conference focus.

This is a special workshop.  Materials will be provided at the workshop itself, but will not be available electronically with other conference materials.


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