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Welcome to The Product Event 2019


Welcome to TPE2019, taking place February 7 & 8 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether this is your first year attending or you make this an annual trip, we are thrilled that you will be joining us in 2019 for our best event to date. Please check back often for updates to speakers, confirmed sessions, scheduling updates and frequently asked questions. Additionally, as the event nears you will find additional recommendations to improve you conference experience both onsite and beyond.

The Product Event 2019 will feature nearly 30 speakers from some of the most progressive organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation. Additionally, for the first time in 11 years, attendees will have access to The Product Event Technology & Career Expo. This learning and networking engagement will feature speakers discussing career growth in Product Management as well as technology and vendor presentations.

Looking forward to seeing you this February in San Francisco!



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Conference Agenda

Thursday, February 7th

7:45am: Registration, networking, coffee & morning snacks

8:30am: Introduction & Opening Keynote: An Innovator’s Journey - Greg McNeil @ Kurio

9:00am: AI & ML in Product Management - Nabarupa Banerjee @ Walmart

9:30am: Data-Driven Product Management - Sriram Iyer @ Salesforce

10:15am: Networking Break

10:30am: Building Great Products with Data & Experimentation - Nissim Lehyani @ GoDaddy

11:15am: AI Mediated Human Interaction - Ruchi Goyal @ Accenture

11:45am: Master Modern Work with Workfront

12:00pm: Networking Lunch


1:00pm: Enterprise Product Management - Ketan Nayak @ Dropbox

1:45pm: Driving voice of user in a multi-segment target market - Paresh Joshi @ SonicWall

2:30pm: Product Management with AI & MLPriya Bhasin @ Apple

Bayshore BallROOM

1:00pm: Techniques to Cultivate InnovationJennifer Sheldon @ Elephant (Embedded at Apple)

1:45pm: Think Big, Start Small, Fail Fast - The Art of Building Consumer ProductsAleksandra Levich @ Facebook

2:30pm: Consumer Product Management: Data-Driven Techniques for Product Managers - Deboshree Dutta @ PayPal


1:00pm: Platform Strategy in ProductJeremy Glassenberg @ Pinn

1:50pm: From API to API-as-a-Product - Gautam Shah @ Change Healthcare

2:40pm: API Product Management & Strategy  - Adrita Bohr @ PayPal

3:10am: Networking Break

3:20am: Making Product Feedback Actionable - Ben Severance @ Usabilla

3:35pm: Removing Bias from AI & Tech Assessments - Nidhi Gupta @

4:05pm: Building a Ladder of Engagement – Nate Franklin @ Amplitude

4:20pm: Creating Products for Learning in the Flow of Work - Shwetabh Mittal @ Coursera

4:50pm: The PM interview - How to make sure you hire the right PM vs following fads - Milena Krasteva @ Verizon Media

5:30pm: Networking Reception, Technology & Career Fair

Friday, February 8th

8:30am Coffee, Networking & Meet The Sponsors

9:00am: Growth Unhacking at Yelp! - Effi Fuks-Leichtag @ Yelp!

9:30am: Building Enterprise Grade Under the Hood of Consumer Grade: Stories from Box - Jon Fan @ Box

10:15am: Eric Boduch @ Pendo


10:30am: Hitting Reset: Transforming a Product in a Large Organization - Sparsh Agarwal @ Linkedin

11:15am: Building Successful Products in an Era of Change - Archana Ramamoorthy @ Workday


10:30am: Prioritization Techniques for Crafting Your Strategy and Roadmap - Kunal Punjabi @ Stanford & KeenBrain

11:15am: Enterprise B2B Customer Experience Abhijeet Khadilkar @ Cisco Systems

12:00pm: Networking Lunch

1:00pm: A Matter of Metrics - Meghna Misra @ Netsmart

1:45pm: AI in Product Management: Building ML Skills - Uzma Barlaskar @ WhatApp/Facebook

2:15pm: Closing Address - "Producing Happiness": As PM's, what are we doing within our products to make our users happy? - James Colgan @ Microsoft