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Thousands of Product Managers Have Attended

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Dynamic product planning, management and innovation are more important than ever in the pursuit of competitive advantage.  Customers’ ever changing wants and needs drive the need to offer products with distinct characteristics and market these products in a way that motivates customers and promotes loyalty.  This is where the challenge arises for product managers; to develop more efficient innovation practices, optimize use of customer knowledge and insights, better manage product lifecycles and increase the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Product Management & Innovation 2019 addresses the full spectrum of product management, from streamlining innovation to end of lifecycle.  Comprised of three unique tracks, this is the most comprehensive product management event available.  Attendees will learn from leading industry practitioners on topics focused on innovation, business planning, product strategy, performance and customer insights.

Attendees will instantly realize the difference between this forum and other conferences. Learning sessions are vendor agnostic and there are NO sales pitches.  Presentations will be conducted by the most talented corporate experts and thought leaders, both regionally and nationally.  For those who are interested in learning more about available tools, a select few vendors will be invited to provide demos and information by request.

Key Learnings & Take-Aways 

  • Evidence-based approach to product management through effective insights and analytics

  • Innovation optimization and prioritization

  • Unique methods for gaining and leveraging customer insights

  • Growth strategies through a full product lifecycle analysis

  • Product portfolio optimization

  • Go-To-Market strategies and high-impact product launches

  • Product forecasting techniques to anticipate introduction and growth metrics

  • Collaborative innovation processes to leverage the knowledge and insight of a wealth of stakeholders

  • Product roadmapping to effectively plan ownership of different product attributes throughout the product lifecycle

  • Information management for better decision making

  • Innovation risk analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis and economic variables that impact product development, operations and launch

  • Communication and integration among product developers, managers, marketers and sales organizations