8:30am - Driving Innovation Through Real-Time Feedback

Michael Kanazawa, Americas Enterprise Innovation Leader @ Ernst Young

9:30am - Guts, Grit & Glory; The Mindset of Great Innovation and New Product Development

Tim McKnight, VP, Market Insight & Strategy - Global Innovation @ Cigna Health

10:30am - Tools of a Product Manager

Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO & President @ THX

10:30am - Creating Value through Customer Experience

Reginald Chatman @ Bloom Energy

11:30am - Strategic Product Management - Bringing it all Together

Ann Kennedy, SVP, Product Management @ ShareThis

11:30am - Collaborative Experience Design

Lauren Palmer @ PayPal


Product Management Strategic Framework

Howard Shen, Director, Product Management @ Ebay

Delivering Great Experience @ Scale

Noah Richardson & Jason Wang @ Salesforce

Customer Experience & Design Thinking

Vicki Amon-Higa, Amon-Higa & Associates

Mastering Behavioral Analysis

Raj Sen @ Adobe


Product Launch Planning & Optimiation

Sandy Cook @ Flipboard

Collaborative Innovation

Sheila Guastamachio @ Kaiser Permanente

Design Your Organization, Not Just Experiences

Paul Hagen @ West Monroe Partners

Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

Raj Sivasubramanian @ Verint


Design Through Integrated Thinking

Ken Kring @ Walgreens

Innovation: The Power of Combining Art & Science

Svetla Alexandrov @ Walmart eCommerce

Lynn Hunsaker.jpg

Maximizing Your Return on CX

Lynn Hunsacker @ Marketing Future Forum

Designing Exceptional User & Customer Experiences

Mia Dand @ Lighthouse3.com


4:00pm - Bridging the Gap Between Customers and R&D

Greg McNeil, VP, Innovation Lab @ Flex

4:00pm - The Elusive Disrupter, Differentiating on the Experience

Jim Nieters @ Experience Outcomes